Case 1. Partnership Promotion “Small pizza for free”
Dispatch service and classic taxi fleet
Objective of the promotion
Attract new passengers and increase the loyalty of existing customers.

What do you need?
  • an account in social networks or other popular advertising sites in your region;
  • a pizzeria or other places that are ready to hold this promotion with you;
  • advertising flyers.
How to carry it out in 5 steps
  1. Sign a partnership agreement with the establishment.
  2. Print company flyers describing the terms of the promotion.
  3. Make an announcement of the promotion in social networks and other advertising platforms in your region.
  4. Put enough flyers in all vehicles in your service
  5. Start the promotion!
The mechanism of the promotion is quite simple: when ordering a taxi, the client receives an advertising flyer at the end of the trip, which he can then exchange for an additional small pizza at your partner’s establishment, when buying a large pizza.
Of course, not all establishments may be interested in this promotion, because the main financial burden will fall on them – they will need to make a free small pizza, so the benefit for them should also be obvious. We would like to offer you some tips:

  1. Pay attention to new places
  2. Most establishments face the problem of attracting customers at the start of work, so such advertising may seem quite interesting to them, because they will attract new customers in the shortest possible time.
  3. Specify the time period during which the customer can use his coupon.
  4. Not all establishments have a uniform load throughout the day/week, so you can choose the time of the promotion when the establishment has the least traffic. This is also a plus for your client – he will not have to stand in line for a long time.
  5. Limit the promotion to a few days.
  6. Within a few days your partner will not feel a strong financial burden. You can choose the days when he usually has the fewest customers.
  7. Offer your partner an active informational support
  8. For your partner, as well as for you, the main goal of this promotion is to attract new customers. Therefore, you can offer him an active mention of his establishment in your social networks: posting from your joint promotions, hashtags, etc.

We would like to warn you in advance that during the promotion process, you may encounter the following problems:
  1. Drivers can keep some of the flyers for themselves to use on their own or give them away to friends instead of giving them to customers at the end of the trip. As a result: part of the flyers will not reach customers and they will remain dissatisfied with the fact that they were deprived of the promised bonus.
  2. You should definitely order a sufficient number of flyers in advance and place them in all cars of your service. It is unlikely that any of the clients will like the news that the driver has run out of flyers and he has lost the bonus promised to him. At least the next time you hold another promotion, he will not be so willing to believe you.
  3. Be sure to warn the client that the promotion is valid only upon presentation of the original flyer, a simple photo or scan will not be enough, otherwise some will be able to use this bonus an unlimited number of times.
  4. Keep track of the number of flyers distributed so that your partner can predict the client load and be ready for high traffic. Otherwise, both your partner and your company can get into a very uncomfortable situation if the flow of customers exceeds their expectations and they stop coping. As a result, customers will not be able to take advantage of the promotion under the conditions that you indicated.
  5. For some, this may not seem like a weighty argument, but we couldn’t help but mention the fact that printing such a number of flyers would require a lot of paper, which would later become another piece of garbage. This negatively affects the environment. Believe me, some of your customers think so too, especially the younger generation.

All these problems can be solved by automating your taxi through our software.

Initial data
How can you completely solve the problems above with the help of Revail App for Taxi?
Useful tips
What problems can arise?
Launching the promotion
1. Generating unique promo codes
The Revail system provides the ability to generate unique one-time promo codes that will be available only to your client and partner. Due to this, the driver will not be able to assign promotional codes to himself for personal use.
The use of promotional codes in the application eliminates the need to print promotional flyers, which later become mere garbage. This will not only save some of your budget and time, but will also make this world a little cleaner ????
A flexible mechanism for collecting various analytics, including for all promotions, is integrated into the Revail system. You will be able to track the number of promo codes distributed in real time.
The promotional promo code issued in the Revail app will be sent to the client automatically after the trip is completed, so you don’t have to worry that the client won’t receive the promised bonus. Moreover, you can simultaneously launch several similar promotions with different conditions (for example, free coffee for the first client, 50% discount for a regular client), without burdening yourself with the problem of printing several types of flyers and instructing drivers who and what to give.
4. Taking care of the environment and your budget
3. Real time analytics
2. Automatic sending of promotional codes