Case 2. Adding new “Kids” tariff
Your benefits
The opening of the new “Kids” tariff will allow you to attract families with children who need safe and convenient transportation of children. And, as a result, attract new customers and increase the number of orders. After all, there are children in almost every city. In this article, we will look at the steps you need to take to open a new tariff for children.
Step-by-step guide
Step 1: Learn the Law
Before opening a new fare, you should check the legislation related to the transportation of children in your area. Check which safety requirements must be met, which documents must be completed and which child safety devices must be installed in the vehicle. Violation of the law may result in fines or loss of license.
Step 2: Develop the rules for the tariff
Develop the rules for the operation of the “children’s” tariff, determine the price and conditions for its use. Consider factors such as:
  • age of children
  • number of children
  • the possibility of transporting a baby stroller
You can also offer additional services.
For example: child seats and seats, toys and books for children, or even additional waiting time if customers with children can be delayed for a while.
Step 3: Train drivers
Familiarize your drivers with the tariff rules and the rules for transporting children. Explain to them how to handle children during the trip, and what safety requirements must be observed. Make sure your drivers know how to install child seats and car seats.
  1. Safety. The driver must make sure that he has a properly functioning child seat, it is correctly installed, and the children are correctly fastened with seat belts.
  2. Children’s behavior. Children can be noisy, restless or naughty during the trip: screaming loudly, jumping on the seat in shoes, dirtying the interior. The driver must be able to deal with children and find ways to cope with such a situation. For example, you can equip cars with a few books or toys to keep your child busy on the road, or equip cars with cartoon tablets.
  3. Customer awareness. After the launch, not all customers may know that a new tariff has opened in your service, because child seats are usually stowed in the trunk so as not to take up extra space in the cabin.
All these problems can be solved by automating the operation of your taxi through our software.
What problems can arise?
How can you completely solve the problems above with the help of Revail App for Taxi?

1. Detailed instructions for drivers
on behavior with children.
Together with the system, you will receive detailed guides for drivers on how to calm the child during the trip, without conflict with the parents.
The application displays the entire list of available tariffs for your service, and through the manager of notifications and promotional codes, you can quickly notify all customers about the appearance of a new tariff.
2. Display of all tariffs in the application.